College Bridge Mentor Application

College Bridge at the University of Chicago is a program that provides the opportunity for advanced high school students in a Chicago Public School to take classes at the University of Chicago. During the academic year, the high school students take one class at UChicago each quarter while maintaining their high school coursework. Past Bridge student have taken Hum, Civ, Math, Bio, Comp Sci, Art and many different languages at the university. Bridge students are usually at the top of their class and are ready for more challenging coursework than what their high school provides.

Each Bridge student will be paired with a current University of Chicago student based on academic and extracurricular interests. The role of the UChicago student mentor is to help Bridge students adjust to the university environment, academically and socially. Mentors play a large part in helping shape the Bridge student's experiences at UChicago, from tutoring to giving advice on applying to college. The mentor position is one academic year long, with the possibility of extending to a second or third year. You are required to be at UChicago for all three quarters in order to participate in the program (no study aboard).

Mentors are expected to check in with their mentees on a regular basis (ie: via email) to ensure that they are doing well in their classes and in their path to college. Mentors are required to meet with their mentees in person at least twice a quarter. In the past, mentors and mentees have often met up for coffee, meals, lectures, performances and more. Mentors are required to submit quarterly reports to the mentorship program coordinator on the progression of the mentorship. College Bridge will have at least one group event per quarter that all mentors and mentees are strongly encouraged to attend.

Mentors will be notified of their acceptance into the program and mentee pairing in September, prior to the start of school.

We encourage anyone interested in education, community involvement and/or mentoring to apply!

If you have any questions, please contact Eileen Fleming at