Summer Bridge

The application for Summer 2014 is now live!  Click on the Applications tab on the left of this page.  Remember - the deadline is March 31st! 


Summer Bridge is a program that allows rising juniors or seniors in a CPS high school to take a course at the University of Chicago free of charge.  Bridge students are enrolled in one college-credit course.  The course options are undergraduate courses offered in a 3, 4 or 5 week block during the summer session.  The particular course will be determined in close consultation with the Director of College Bridge. Tuition, fees and textbooks are paid for by the University of Chicago Office of Civic Engagement.


Classes taken through College Bridge are designed to provide college credit.  Therefore the course can not count toward your high school graduation requirements. In general, in order to enroll in a class in a particular subject area, the student must have completed the most advanced course in that subject (typically, an AP or IB course) at their high school with a minimum grade of B. In some cases, this requirement may be waived if an AP or IB course is not offered or not allowed until Senior Year.  In those cases, a grade of A is required in all other courses taken in that subject.  The following departments offer courses for summer enrollment: Biological Sciences, English, Foreign Languages (placement test may be required, beginning language can be taken if the language is not offered at your high school - see below for a list of languages offered), History, Math, Intro to Economics, Physical Science, Humanities courses in Art/Music/Art History, and courses in the Social Sciences. View a preliminary list of non-language Summer 2014 offerings here.  Pay close attention to the requirements for each class.  Days/times and course descriptions can be found on the Summer Session website (scroll down for listings by department).  Final decisions on courses will be made by the Director and the Summer Session office after meeting with students for interviews. 

Languages offered Summer Bridge 2014: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian, Spanish.


Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the Hyde Park campus.  CTA student discount passes are provided by the program.

Eligibility/Selection Process

Rising Juniors and Seniors in CPS high schools are eligible to apply for Summer Bridge. Students are chosen based on a combination of factors, including unweighted GPA (for requirement see application), coursework preparation in high school and writing abilities.  A 95% attendance rate is also required.  An interview is required for final selection and a parent/guardian must be present at that time. 

Requirements Once Admitted


Summer Session courses are taught in short blocks.  Courses last between three and five weeks long.  Courses are spread out throughout the summer from mid-June to late August.  Some subjects may only be available in one or two blocks.  The Director will discuss your availability and its impact on course choice with you at your interview.

As mentioned above, classes are very short and therefore move very quickly.  The class will cover material equivalent to that taught in one quarter (11 weeks) of a regular school year. Admitted students will be expected to focus solely on their course during the period of enrollment in College Bridge - it not permitted to be simultaneously enrolled in another program, and outside commitments should be kept to a minimum.


A mandatory orientation will be held prior to the start of Summer Session.  Also, students are required to meet weekly with the Director of College Bridge.